Dermopigmentation is designed for those who would like to enhance their natural beauty without having to do their makeup every morning. By taking into account the parameters of colour tone and natural beauty look, style and taste, derma pigmentation, also called “permanent makeup”, makes it possible to redraw eyebrows to intensify a look, to highlight the eyes with an Eye-Liner effect for a “doe eye” look, to plump lips or even create freckles and moles on the face as well as on the body.

Categorically, sterile pigments are implanted by the practitioner in the area chosen by the client for a more natural make-up look. The goal is to meet the desires of every client. The result: your natural beauty is refined and lasts for several years.

The service generally takes place over two sessions spaced one month apart. An annual touch-up is nevertheless recommended to ensure an impeccable finish. Dermopigmentation is also recommended to correct unsightly marks: fade scars, redraw and re-colour the nipple-areolar plaque of breast cancer operated patients. Thanks to the effectiveness of this technique, derma pigmentation has a medical utility that enables many women to harmonize with their femininity.


A beautiful brow bone is essential for the harmony and symmetry of the face. Dermopigmentation saves you considerable time on a daily basis since permanent makeup ensures you will no longer have to colour your eyebrows before going out, nor to retouch them after a workout or a swim…


Before starting the session, the practitioner takes the time to discuss your preferences with you for the shape and colour of your eyebrows. Once your expectations have been defined, the practitioner will advise you on the shape and colour best suited to your body type. They select the shade that best matches your skin tone and draws a new eyebrow line in pencil. It is only after your approval that the dermopigmentation procedure begins.

Here below are the techniques offered by EMPIRE DU REGARD to redraw and restructure your eyebrows:

dermopigmentation des sourcils


The shading technique mimics the result of classic eyebrow makeup – that is, using a pencil or eyebrow shadow. The eyebrows are redrawn with fine pencil lines for a transparent, natural or more glamorous effect, according the client’s wishes.

Microblading or nano-stroke

As the name suggests, the hair-to-hair technique consists of drawing the hairs of the eyebrows one by one in order to recreate the outline of each hair, for a very natural effect. This technique can also be combined with shading for a more sophisticated result.

The dermopigmentation of the lips by EMPIRE DU REGARD guarantees you perfectly hemmed and tinted lips in all circumstances with a subtle color if you are looking for a natural effect or, more sustained if you opt for the “3D” effect which makes your lips fleshy and glamour.


All our treatments begin with a consultation with an EMPIRE DU REGARD expert practitioner. We work on the definition of the shape and colour that will suit your skin tone. The first step is to trace the outline of your lips with a pencil, then, once the design of the mouth and the shade have been chosen, the practitioner begins the derma pigmentation.

A second session may be recommended if you want to intensify the colour. This procedure lasts from 18 to 24 months. Important: If you suffer from cold sores or have had them in the past, you will need a prescription for antivirals from your doctor before you apply permanent makeup to your lips.

dermopigmentation des sourcils

The eyes are the mirrors of the soul, says Samira! Derma pigmentation in a form of eye-liner that is permanent to enhance your beauty at all times. If you are someone who wakes up in the morning and runs to the mirror to apply eye-liner and/or mascara, permanent makeup has been created for you! Thanks to the micro-pigmentation by EMPIRE DU REGARD, the dream of being made up when you wake up is now a reality!


It only takes a few minutes to assess your eye shape and colour preferences. You are free to decide whether to apply make-up only to the upper eyelid or to both. At EMPIRE DU REGARD, we only begin the session if the shape and colour are approved by both the practitioner and the client.

Below are the permanent eyeliner makeup techniques offered by EMPIRE DU REGARD to illuminate your eyes:

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner or Lash-Liner

dermopigmentation des sourcils

This technique is effective in correcting droopy or undersized eyes. The semi-permanent eyeliner saves precious time whilst enhancing your eyes. Before the session, the practitioner defines the shape of the line with you, the thickness and the colour. Then, she carries out the chosen line meticulously and with extreme caution of the lashes on the upper eyelid, lower eyelid or both, according to your requirements. The line can be very thin, flush with the lashes for a natural look, or thicker, for a very glamorous eye-liner effect. This treatment lasts for approximately 3 years.

Restorative or corrective derma pigmentation is used to restore an area of the skin to its original colour, for example, in cases of burns, scars and depigmentation. This technique can also re-colour the nipple area in the case of breast removal surgery during cancer treatment. This technique helps improve the appearance of the face and body. Best of all, derma pigmentation helps regain self-confidence and in some cases, protects the skin from UV rays. This new practice gives hope to many people suffering from physical and emotional issues following trauma. Here below are the different applications of this technique that we offer:


3d creation of breast areolas

Derma pigmentation of the mammary areolas is a very important step in the reconstitution of the breast. Patients who have had breast cancer surgery use this pigmentation as a final touch to breast reconstruction. It’s a solution that allows them to regain their femininity and their self-confidence. The new artistic techniques, combined with the wide palette of pigments that blend perfectly with the colour of the skin, allow a three-dimensional, realistic and very natural result.

Scar concealment

Following trauma, scars can often cause loss of skin pigmentation. With corrective derma pigmentation, whether the result of a burn, surgery or more, scars can be camouflaged. The new pigments perfectly imitate the different shades of the skin, which gives a very natural result. The corrective derma pigmentation technique can also protect affected areas from UV rays. However, concealing scars with corrective derma pigmentation can only be done after healing, usually one year after the trauma.

Camouflage of pigmentation loss

Vitiligo is a skin disease characterized by the progressive depigmentation of the epidermis. This disease is manifested as the appearance of white spots which are more noticeable when the skin is dull. Therefore, doctors strongly advise these patients not to expose themselves to the sun. The loss of pigmentation leaves the skin unprotected against UV rays, the risk of burns and skin cancer becomes significant. In the case of vitiligo, corrective derma pigmentation can only be carried out when the evolution of depigmentation of the skin has stabilized.


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