Signature Dermograph

The dermograph has been designed for dermopigmentation professionals, through their experiences to guarantee excellence and reliability.

Thiskit is composed of :

✔ The power station

✔ The handpiece and its support

✔ The pedal

✔ The plug adapters

dermograph allows safe and non-traumatic pigmentation of the skin, thanks to its flexible Powder HR acupuncture needles, all of which are highly precise. This brand new innovation makes dermopigmentation not only extremely effective, but also safe & comfortable.

Suitable for all and all techniques, the motor can also be used with so-called “traditional” and high performance needles, thus allowing to answer all situations and to vary the pleasures!

Its unique materials will ensure the user an extraordinary lightness and a stable needle output for a regular work.

All types of skins (thin or thick)
All types of users (left/right handed – female/male)
All types of pigmentations (medical, aesthetic, tattooing)

9200 AED

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