Restorative or corrective derma pigmentation is used to restore an area of the skin to its original colour, for example, in cases of burns, scars and depigmentation.

This technique can also re-colour the nipple area in the case of breast removal surgery during cancer treatment. This technique helps improve the appearance of the face and body. Best of all, derma pigmentation helps regain self-confidence and in some cases, protects the skin from UV rays. This new practice gives hope to many people suffering from physical and emotional issues following trauma.

Here below are the different applications of this technique that we offer:


3D creation of breast areolas

Derma pigmentation of the mammary areolas is a very important step in the reconstitution of the breast. Patients who have had breast cancer surgery use this pigmentation as a final touch to breast reconstruction. It’s a solution that allows them to regain their femininity and their self-confidence. The new artistic techniques, combined with the wide palette of pigments that blend perfectly with the colour of the skin, allow a three-dimensional, realistic and very natural result.

Scar Concealment

Following trauma, scars can often cause loss of skin pigmentation. With corrective derma pigmentation, whether the result of a burn, surgery or more, scars can be camouflaged. The new pigments perfectly imitate the different shades of the skin, which gives a very natural result. The corrective derma pigmentation technique can also protect affected areas from UV rays. However, concealing scars with corrective derma pigmentation can only be done after healing, usually one year after the trauma.

Camouflage of Pigmentation Loss

Vitiligo is a skin disease characterized by the progressive depigmentation of the epidermis. This disease is manifested as the appearance of white spots which are more noticeable when the skin is dull. Therefore, doctors strongly advise these patients not to expose themselves to the sun. The loss of pigmentation leaves the skin unprotected against UV rays, the risk of burns and skin cancer becomes significant. In the case of vitiligo, corrective derma pigmentation can only be carried out when the evolution of depigmentation of the skin has stabilized.

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