A beautiful brow bone is essential for the harmony and symmetry of the face. Dermopigmentation saves you considerable time on a daily basis since permanent makeup ensures you will no longer have to colour your eyebrows before going out, nor to retouch them after a workout or a swim…


Before starting the session, the practitioner takes the time to discuss your preferences with you for the shape and colour of your eyebrows. Once your expectations have been defined, the practitioner will advise you on the shape and colour best suited to your body type. They select the shade that best matches your skin tone and draws a new eyebrow line in pencil. It is only after your approval that the dermopigmentation procedure begins.

Here below are the techniques offered by EMPIRE DU REGARD to redraw and restructure your eyebrows:


The shading technique mimics the result of classic eyebrow makeup – that is, using a pencil or eyebrow shadow. The eyebrows are redrawn with fine pencil lines for a transparent, natural or more glamorous effect, according the client’s wishes.

Microblading or Nano-Stroke

As the name suggests, the hair-to-hair technique consists of drawing the hairs of the eyebrows one by one in order to recreate the outline of each hair, for a very natural effect. This technique can also be combined with shading for a more sophisticated result.

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