The dermopigmentation of the lips by EMPIRE DU REGARD guarantees you perfectly hemmed and tinted lips in all circumstances with a subtle color if you are looking for a natural effect or, more sustained if you opt for the “3D” effect which makes your lips fleshy and glamour.


All our treatments begin with a consultation with an EMPIRE DU REGARD expert practitioner. We work on the definition of the shape and colour that will suit your skin tone. The first step is to trace the outline of your lips with a pencil, then, once the design of the mouth and the shade have been chosen, the practitioner begins the derma pigmentation.

A second session may be recommended if you want to intensify the colour. This procedure lasts from 18 to 24 months.
Important: If you suffer from cold sores or have had them in the past, you will need a prescription for antivirals from your doctor before you apply permanent makeup to your lips.

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