Dermopigmentation is designed for those who would like to enhance their natural beauty without having to do their makeup every morning. By taking into account the parameters of colour tone and natural beauty look, style and taste, derma pigmentation, also called “permanent makeup”, makes it possible to redraw eyebrows to intensify a look, to highlight the eyes with an Eye-Liner effect for a “doe eye” look, to plump lips or even create freckles and moles on the face as well as on the body.

Categorically, sterile pigments are implanted by the practitioner in the area chosen by the client for a more natural make-up look. The goal is to meet the desires of every client. The result: your natural beauty is refined and lasts for several years.

The service generally takes place over two sessions spaced one month apart. An annual touch-up is nevertheless recommended to ensure an impeccable finish.
Dermopigmentation is also recommended to correct unsightly marks: fade scars, redraw and re-colour the nipple-areolar plaque of breast cancer operated patients. Thanks to the effectiveness of this technique, derma pigmentation has a medical utility that enables many women to harmonize with their femininity.


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